Autshumato ITE roadmap description



The diagram above depicts the roadmap for the Autshumato ITE application.

Autshumato ITE is a derived work of the popular open-source OmegaT Computer Aided Translation (CAT) application.  A derived work was needed as some specific requirements, as requested by the client that initiated the Autshumato project, were not available in OmegaT.  Furthermore, not all of the requirements were in line with the aims of the OmegaT development team, although some features developed for the ITE were included in the OmegaT application.


Since the release of the first version of the ITE, both these projects benefited from each other by sharing new features and bug fixes. It has now become feasible to integrate the Autshumato ITE completely into OmegaT; features not implemented in future versions of OmegaT can be provided through plug-ins for the OmegaT application.

The upcoming release of the ITE (version 3.0.0) might well be the very last version of the application, after which OmegaT will become the official CAT environment for the Autshumato project, and additional functionality (such as the Autshumato Machine Translation feature) will be available as plug-ins to the OmegaT application. This approach would not only benefit Autshumato users with more frequent fixes and updates, but also all the resources created for the ITE could be added to the OmegaT resource collection.