Terminology Management System


Translators often use terminology lists to produce consistent, high quality translations. Effective management of these different terminology lists is very important to ensure consistency and prevent the duplication of term entries. A terminology management system (TMS) is software that facilitates the management and development of searchable terminology databases that contain terminology in different languages.
The aim of Autshumato TMS is to serve as a central terminology repository for the eleven languages of South Africa.

The main advantages of the Autshumato TMS are:

  • Open source
    • The source code of the solution is open and accessible to anyone. This means that the source code can be modified to extend the functionality of the system, to port the system to new hardware, and to adapt it to changing conditions.
  • Web-based
    • Autshumato TMS is web-based and read-only access is granted to anyone. Write access may be granted to pre-approved users, which encourages language practitioners, terminologists and translators to contribute and work together to develop a standardised, consistent terminology database for South African languages.
  • Open standards
    • Autshumato TMS is based on open standards (i.e. TBX), which ensures compatibility with other terminology management systems. The use of open standards also ensures that terminology is always accessible and never becomes locked away within a proprietary format requiring a legacy application to access.

The Autshumato TMS is licensed under the Apache License version 2, which means it is free to download and use.

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